News & Updates

Closure of Side Gate 4
IMPORTANT: Please note that the Side Gate 4 at the end of the school field is closed and entrance for those using this gate will be at the Side Gate 3 (near the ISH) instead.
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Celebrations
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Celebrations will begin on 30th June and span the first two July weekends. The SYF Art Exhibition begins on 1st July. Click title for the trailer : SYF 2016 July Attractions Trailer
Photography and Videography at School Events
We would like to inform you that photographs/videos of pupils/parents taken at all school events may be published on the school’s official media platforms (eg school website, school magazine etc), and used for briefings, workshops or other educational purposes. Please notify the school in writing if you do not wish to grant permission for your child’s or your images to be used for such purpose.
Recycling @ AGPS Programme 2016
Parents and pupils are strongly encourages to bring old newspapers, magazines or cleaned recyclable plastics bottles from home to recycle them using the recycled bins.
Parent Support Group Intake for 2016
Please click the title to find out how to join our PSG family.
What is Dyslexia
What is Dyslexia? This website aims to raise awareness of the characteristics of dyslexia, dispel some common myths, and provide strategies that parents can use to support their child with dyslexia at home. Click on the title to read more.
MOE Sexuality Education in School
Click on the title for more information.
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